About the Equus Zebra

It's real

Mountain Zebras are a rare species of only around 2,700 and can be found in South Africa. Their preferred habitat are slopes and plateaus in the mountain terrain as high as 2,000 m. They form small family groups in which they stay up to 10 or even 15 years.

One of their core characteristics is to share leadership in times of challenge thus collaborating seamlessly.



Our guiding principle

This spirit is the guiding principle for Mountain Zebra. We are experts in Business Model Innovation – but do not claim to be the universal leader for all your needs.

When exploring a new business opportunity, you need a whole bunch of experts and some with whom to co-create. Therefore, we consequently build and collaborate within an open network to take you and your teams to the next level. Corporates need industry-specific advice – we are connected with academia and thought leaders around the globe. Female Founders want to kick-start and grow their business – we open our network to become the go-to destination for all their needs. 


Zebra No. 1

Entrepreneurship runs in her veins, interdisciplinarity was her major and speed is what drives her. Katharina is a founding member of a corporate high-tech start-up. She has led the digital transformation of a traditional chemical multi-national whilst strongly championing customer experience and initiating new business models in Silicon Valley. Throughout her corporate career she has shaped many pioneering roles – supported by her swift understanding of how to navigate global enterprises, influence the decision-making process and translate ideas into strategy and action plans.

Her curios mind loves to explore fresh ideas and master the next challenge ahead. Founding her own business gives her the opportunity to ensure ideas for a better, more diverse tomorrow come to life. Her latest role as a lecturer in Digital Business Models allows her to combine theory and practice – both to the benefit of her clients and her students.

Our Comfort Zone

The land of fresh ideas

Mountain Zebra’s office is located in the heart of Munich. Whether we meet there or in another real or virtual space: there is a fresh breeze blowing!

Small ideas are spun into big ones, concepts buzz around and take shape with the help of clever strategies. Hands-on solutions for a better tomorrow are supported by new insights from science and research. Creativity, joy and more than an occasional laugh can be heard in co-creation sessions, workshops, one-on-one coaching or casual get-togethers.

Want to leave the the sparse territory of uncertainty and explore the land of innovation with our help? We are ready to take you there. Schedule a free call! 


Get regular updates

No need to have fear about missing out (#FOMO) – we’ll keep you up to date. We regularly share with you the dates of our co-creation events, latest blog articles, inspirations for founders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

No need to have fear about missing out (#FOMO) – we’ll keep you up to date. We regularly share with you the dates of our co-creation events, latest blog articles, inspirations for founders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.


Inspirational insights

In this section it is all about best practice examples from Business Model Innovation. Who has implemented a particularly innovative idea? What’s new from research? What could we have already learned from the past? Explore our point of view and regularly find surprising and engaging content to read.

Programs we are registered for

When funding helps getting started or driving ahead

Registered for the funding of business consulting for SMEs by Bafa (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle)

About this website

The creative concept behind

We wanted to create a website that was both informative and authentic. Informative in the sense of useful insights into how we work and what we can offer. Authentic, on the other hand, are the impressions Katharina has collected on her business travels around the globe over the past years (privately she travels actually only to Italy). The pictures are presented to you as a kind of mood board and are meant to inspire you.

You like this website? You have ideas how we can improve it? Please share your feedback with us. We are in learning mode, so we look forward to hearing from you.