Business Model Innovation (BMI) is a toolbox, a method – and first and foremost a mindset. It is the essential element of today’s business strategy. Don’t wait for the right time to re-think your business. With BMI you are always one step ahead of the waves of change.

The power to transform and disrupt

A business model describes how you deliver and create value. A well-designed business model provides a smart answer to the most essential question in business: Is there a true customer need – and how to meet it best?

Business Model Innovation (BMI) is more than just bringing a cool new product, a cutting-edge technology or a fresh solution to the market. Intelligent business models have the power to disrupt industries by overcoming the dominant industry logic. They guarantee happy customers, motivated teams, efficient processes and positive revenue streams – all at the very same time. 

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Your teams actively drive innovation.
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Our signature strength


Creativity is not only attributed to artists – no, every discipline needs its creative minds. For this, however, it is necessary to define creativity as what it ultimately is: the ability to combine seemingly contradictory things and to create something new from them.

In the corporate environment, creativity is often called for when it comes to cutting costs and optimizing processes. However,  creativity is needed elsewhere: in the creation and invention of truly intelligent solutions that work sustainably and bring value to society and the planet as a whole, not just to individual stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial creativity is Mountain Zebra’s signature strength. Unusual approaches to solutions, holistic concepts, impactful change – combining creativity and strategy.

After all, who embodies this better than a small horse with a wild pattern – which is precisely why it is not easily tracked down by its predators on the steppe and in the mountains of Africa?

This is what we call a creative strategy.


Convincing and empowering

The most important requirement of a BMI project is the openness across all hierarchies to any outcome – combined with the willingness to accept the results. Conscious and unconscious biases as well as internal politics will not be supportive to understand and design a compelling value proposition for the market you are operating in. The pill might be difficult to swallow.

However, by doing so you empower your team members to actively take your business to the next level (clearly, we are talking money here). Allow them to do the job they were originally hired for – only better and more effectively. 


Creative chaos – yet structured

BMI provides a systematic framework for designing, testing, evaluating and learning around new or existing business models. It is based on design thinking and emerged as its own discipline at e.g., Harvard, Stanford and University of St. Gallen.

Whether designing afresh or innovating from scratch: you follow a journey tailored to your specific challenge and work along with a proven toolset of templates, card sets and sometimes even plain paper which help to structure workshops, thoughts and the most crazy of ideas. On top, it is the expertise of our coaches and facilitators who will get your team to seek out new opportunities.


From challenge to opportunity

VUCA, Covid, climate crisis – the world is changing while the globe is seemingly turning faster, and challenges and uncertainties grow. Instead of waiting for “once we are back to normal”, get in the driver seat.

Business Model Innovation is not only about tools and methods you learn and apply. It is even more about the growth mindset behind. Discover how you and your teams can look at challenges as an opportunity. Understand how “learning” is a trait that can also suit a market leader very well. And appreciate that you actually can do multi-tasking: adjust your business to the changing needs while training the innovation muscle of your team.

Yes, and
Yes, and



Diverse teams make the difference

No need to underline that diversity is key in innovation. And probably no news, that following the Design Thinking approach ensures you select the best teams in terms of interdisciplinary expertise, diverse personality, and different mindset – from within and outside your organization.

What makes the difference is radical collaboration by trusting the process and having experienced facilitators. Only then you hear and listen to all the voices, focus on real arguments, and don’t get stuck in “yes, but” arguments which will only limit your potential. Embrace diversity and learn to build on each others ideas. This is the core of Business Model Innovation.

Want your teams and your business to thrive?