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Experimenting and learning strengthens companies on the path to transformation. Out of the comfort zone – into the growth zone. Experimentation and step-by-step learning increase the chance of success. In this way, new behaviors are established that contribute to the digital mindset and make companies and employees fit for the future. What was previously tough and difficult suddenly becomes easy.

Experimentation and learning strengthens companies on the path to transformation

Each of us has goals and dreams in life, but often we are unsure how to achieve them. The answer is simple: through experimentation and learning. If we allow ourselves to try new things and learn from our mistakes, we can continuously improve and eventually move closer to our goals.

In today’s business environment, which is characterized by uncertainty and speed in equal measure, it is critical for companies to remain innovative and competitive. Companies that are unable to develop new products and services or adapt quickly to changing market conditions can quickly find themselves sidelined. For this reason, it is important for companies to continuously experiment and learn in order to strengthen their innovation and maximize their growth potential.

Implementing an “experiment and learn” program can be an essential step in achieving this goal and ensuring long-term competitive success.

Experimentation & learning:
From comfort to growth zone

Experimentation allows us to try different ways to achieve our goals. It takes courage to take risks and step out of our comfort zone. But when we do, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and discoveries. It is important to understand that experimentation is not limited to scientific experiments. On the contrary, companies should adopt “experimentation and testing” for all types of functions, positions and roles. After all, it can also mean learning a new skill or having a new experience to see if it helps us achieve our goal. Ultimately, the experiments gradually train new behaviors that have a positive impact on the corporate culture.

Experimentation increases the chance of success

Through experimentation, we can find out our limits and abilities. We can determine what we are good at and what we are not. It can also help us identify our weaknesses and work on them. With a program like Experiment and Learn, companies open up spaces for their employees to develop consciously, purposefully and openly. By improving our skills and overcoming our weaknesses, we can increase our chances of success. By improving their skills and overcoming weaknesses, employees can increase the chances of success – for them as individuals and ultimately for the company.

Learning from own mistakes – improving step by step

Learning is the next step to take after experimentation. It’s about learning from our experiences and reflecting on our findings. This is what we in Germany like to call a “Fehlerkultur” – meaning culture of mistakes. So far, many companies have addressed this issue in the form of “Fuck up Nights.” But we find it difficult to learn from the mistakes of others. After all, it is only by experiencing and reflecting on our own actions and words that we can truly learn. When we make mistakes, we should not be discouraged, but instead draw conclusions from them and focus on how we can do better next time. This is precisely why learning must be established step by step, as an iterative process, so to speak, in companies. Just because you tried something once and it supposedly didn’t work doesn’t mean you should give up right away. The question is rather: how can I try it again and better?

Experimentation and learning a key part of our digital working lives

In today’s world where change comes fast and unstoppable, experimentation and learning has become an important part of life. To be successful, we need to constantly evolve and learn. We must allow ourselves to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. By allowing ourselves to experiment and learn, we can continuously improve and move closer to our goals.

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Experimentation and Learning: Core to a Digital Mindset

Digital mindset is the openness and ability to embrace changes triggered by new technologies and digital transformation. They are perceived as an opportunity rather than a threat. By encouraging their employees to experiment, try out new ideas and learn, companies train new behavior patterns that make them fit for the future. Transformation, overcoming uncertainty, change – with the digital mindset, what was previously tough and difficult becomes easy.

“Experimenting and Learning” brings many advantages for companies. These can also be proven in figures.

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