Experimentation and learning: backed by science

Experimentieren Lernen wissenschaftlich fundiert

Experimentation and learning can be linked to a concept from science, more specifically behavioral science: Through experimentation and learning, basic human needs can be met. In this way, individual change becomes playful, easy and sustainable. Experimenting and learning is an important building block of the digital mindset that makes companies fit for the future. In […]

Experimentation & Learning: Advantages for Companies

experimentation learning advantages

Experimentation and Learning brings many advantages for companies, if introduced purposefully: It promotes new behaviors and creates a corporate culture that is open to change and innovation. These benefits can also be impressively demonstrated with figures. Experimenting and learning is a central component of the digital mindset. It makes easy what was previously difficult and […]

Experimentation and Learning

experiment learn

Experimenting and learning strengthens companies on the path to transformation. Out of the comfort zone – into the growth zone. Experimentation and step-by-step learning increase the chance of success. In this way, new behaviors are established that contribute to the digital mindset and make companies and employees fit for the future. What was previously tough […]

Founder’s Journey

founders journey

The founder’s journey – a method we have developed to support founders to kick-start their business in a safe and confident way. Naturally, at the beginning of a startup there is always chaos. Where do I start? What is the best way to proceed? What exactly is the first, second, third step? How nice it […]

Strategies for Overcoming Uncertainty

strategies for overcoming uncertainty

Overcoming uncertainty – the ultimate challenge Anyone who had hoped that a “new normal” was slowly settling in is being taught better. The World Economic Forum recently published its “Global Risk Report”. When asked how the global outlook will develop in general, more than 2/3 of the respondents said they expect volatility to remain consistently […]

Katharina Berres


A portrait: Katharina Berres Katharina Berres, founder of Mountain Zebra reveals to us what she loves about her job, why and how she does things differently and what inspires her. Why Katharina loves her job Katharina loves many different aspects of her job. And that’s exactly what motivates her every day: the variety. No day […]

Rules of Disruption

Rules of disruption

For years, Kodak was the prime example when it came to explaining the rules of disruption. The company developed the first digital camera in the 1970s, but never introduced it to the market. Kodak did not want to cannibalize its business as the global market leader in film material with a new technology. Is ChatGPT […]

Salone del Mobile 2022


The central element of our website are mood boards, which are always meant to inspire and show how new, creative ideas arise from the most diverse impressions and experiences. Following this idea, we have dedicated a separate page to the Salone and its trends 2022 with the impressions we brought back from Milan. Enjoy exploring […]